Types of products

Coloured breadcrumbs

Coloured breadcrumbs are produced from premium-grade wheat flour with natural food dyes. As a result, when roasted, your products would be covered with crispy crumb and would have a wonderful golden brown colour. You may customise your order to get breadcrumbs with the colour required for your production.  We are pleased to offer our customers a very convenient option – choose a fraction you like ranging between 0.5 and 4 mm. 

Rich Yellow Breadcrumbs

Code 2

Fraction: 0 – 2 mm 

We would like to offer our Rich Yellow Breadcrumbs (Code 2). With their rich colour, your product would have a sunny tasty-looking crisp. When roasted, a product becomes crispy but remains juicy.



Orange Breadcrumbs

Code 10

Fraction: 0-2 mm

Orange Breadcrumbs (Code 10) are one of our most popular products. It features the excellent bright colour and medium grain structure. When roasted in Orange Breadcrumbs, a product becomes tastier, preserves its natural juiciness and is very tasty-looking. 



Honey Breadcrumbs

Code 4251

Fraction: 0-2 mm

Honey Breadcrumbs (Code 4251) are an ideal supplement to make a ‘golden’ crisp on meat and fish ready-to-cook products. When roasted, a product immediately gets crispy crust which keeps your culinary masterpiece juicy and prevents it from burning on a very hot surface. 



Light Creamy Breadcrumbs

Code 21                

Fraction: 0-2 mm

We are glad to offer breadcrumbs with excellent natural, light beige colour and a medium grain structure to preserve unique juiciness and flavour of your ready-to-cook products. Use our Light Creamy Breadcrumbs (Code 21) to offer exceptionally delicious tasty-looking products.



Light Orange Breadcrumbs

Code 4

Fraction: 0-2 mm

Light Pink Breadcrumbs (Code 4) are one of our most popular products. It has light orange colour and is ideal for ready-to-cook fish, pork, chicken or vegetable products. 



Cream-coloured Breadcrumbs

Code 20

Fraction: 0-2 mm

We would like to offer breadcrumbs with excellent creamy colour and a medium grain structure. Creamy Breadcrumbs (Code 20) would be an ideal component to produce tasty and crispy ready-to-cook products. When roasted with these breadcrumbs, your meat or fish product would get a very yummy golden crisp.


Bright Orange Breadcrumbs

Code 6.1

Fraction: 0-1 mm

Bright Orange Breadcrumbs (Code 6.1) have a fine grain structure and rich bright orange colour. Bright Orange Breadcrumbs would be an ideal component for meat and fish ready-to-cook products. When breadcrumb roasted, the product gets tender, crispy crust which keeps your product juicy and makes it very delicious. 


Classic Breadcrumbs

Code 9

Fraction: 0-2 mm

Classic Breadcrumbs (Code 9) are one of our best-selling products. Classic Breadcrumbs have pleasant natural breadcrumb colour and produce crispy crust. With these breadcrumbs, you will get an ideal product – juicy and tasty-looking one! 


Original Breadcrumbs

Code 5

Fraction: 0-2 mm

Taste our Original Breadcrumbs (Code 5), our best seller. It has bright and tasty-looking colour and is suitable for different types of products. Your specialties would be much more delicious when they kept their natural juiciness. 


Lemon Breadcrumbs

Code 19

Fraction: 0-2 mm

Lemon Breadcrumbs (Code 19) would be an ideal component to produce golden, crispy ready-to-cook meat and fish products. With their natural lemon colour and medium grain structure, these breadcrumbs can preserve the best flavours of your product and will be very tasty-looking. 


Bright Orange Breadcrumbs

Code 7

Fraction: 0-4 mm

Taste our Bright Orange Breadcrumbs (Code 7). These breadcrumbs have an excellent bright orange colour and rough grain structure to become an ideal component for crispy ready-to-cook meat products. When roasted in these breadcrumbs, meat would remain delicious and juicy under a yummy crispy crust and would never be burnt on a very hot surface.